Karen (KThuermerPhotos)

Welcome to my photo site! I hope you enjoy this journey from the perspecitve of my lense.

I work as an international journalist. Consequently, I have many opportunities to travel the world -- always with my camera tow. When I'm not traveling, I shoot photos of the world that surrounds me.

My work appears every year at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where I am also a member of the Photography Committee. I am represented in the Bin Gallery of the Art League Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. My photos have also been shown in various juried shows including City Hall in Alexandria, Virginia and Del Ray Artisans, Arlington, Virginia.

My current camera of choice is the Nikon D-90. But a colleague once said that the best camera you have is the one that is with you.

More than equipment, I believe photography begins with composition. light and the unique perspective of one's "eye." I aim to be sensitive to the world I photograph. Be it animals, flowers, leaves, stones, ponds, streets, shapes, shadows, objects, atmosphere, buildings, events, or people, I try to present my subjects with reverence.

I am fascinated by colors and shapes as well as the organic nature of material and innate objects. I try to capture positive and negative space, complimentary and uncomplimentary colors, sunlight and shadows, lightness and darkness, and atmospheric effects. I am also interested in recording history and events, as well as capturing that mood one feels in a particular place.

Enjoy my photographs! I hope they help you contemplate your world, and take you to places you may or may not have not been.

Karen Thuermer