Karen (KThuermerPhotos)

Welcome to my photo site! I hope you enjoy this journey from the perspecitve of my lense.

I work as an international journalist. I have many opportunities to travel the world -- always with my camera tow. When I'm not traveling, I shoot photos of the world that surrounds me.

My work appears every year at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where I am also a member of the Photography Committee. I am represented in Gallery 75 at the Art League Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. My photos have also been shown in various juried shows including City Hall in Alexandria, VA; Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA; Del Ray Artisans, Arlington, VA; and the Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA.

The camera I currently use most often is the Nikon D-90. But, as any photogrpaher knows, the best camera is the one that is with you when the perfect shot comes along. At times, that may be my iphone 6.

More than equipment, I believe photography begins with composition. light and the unique perspective of one's "eye." I aim to be sensitive to the world I photograph. Be it animals, flowers, leaves, stones, ponds, streets, shapes, shadows, objects, atmosphere, buildings, events, or people, I try to present my subjects with reverence.

I am fascinated by colors and shapes as well as the organic nature of material and innate objects. I try to capture positive and negative space, complimentary and uncomplimentary colors, sunlight and shadows, lightness and darkness, and atmospheric effects. I am also interested in recording history and events, as well as capturing that mood one feels in a particular place.

Enjoy my photographs! I hope they help you contemplate your world, and take you to places you may or may not have not been.

Karen Thuermer
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